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Troy Quotes. But even enemies can show respect. You are the opposite of batman!

Sports Quotes Commitment. QuotesGram
Sports Quotes Commitment. QuotesGram

And menelaus and paris fought over helen like dogs over a bone; I am one with it. That cannot be separated from football.

[At The Discovery Of The Wooden Horse] Father,.

Troy aikman because the hash marks are narrower in the pros, the ball's always closer to the middle of the field. I want him to move as far away from my life as he can get. Quotes from the movie troy.

Paris [To Helen] If You Come, We'll Never Be Safe.

You may remember me from such films as the boatjacking of supership 79 and hydro: I wondered how many of them had been promised in marriage to young men whose bodies now lay rotting inside the walls of troy. You the only decent thing that ever happened to me.

I Decided Seventeen Years Ago That Boy Wasn’t Getting Involved In No Sports.

If i hurt you, it's not what i wanted. Father, you are a great king, because you love your country so much. You're still my enemy tonight.

November 21, 1966 Winning Is Hard.

Steer for the crossing and your fortune, hold not life’s prow on the course against wave beat and accident. You are the opposite of batman! We will never be here again.

But Even Enemies Can Show Respect.

“it was awesome, but also… it wasn’t?” even though we never actually heard the words from troy himself, we can totally picture him saying this. But i don’t wish him a thing else from my life. Not after what they did to me in the sports.