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Many people are surprised that people who have US citizenship but live abroad can collect taxes in the US. This can be a confusing situation for some people as they may suffer from double taxation due to taxation in the United States and where they currently reside. Tax treaties vary from country to country further complicating the situation. The requirements for reporting foreign information are also quite stringent. The IRS has a number of tools that can track the income of U.S. citizens and foreign taxpayers. It can also track assets owned by foreign or foreign banks or complete comprehensive existence testing for U.S. citizens with permanent residency. If you are faced with a complex tax situation involving an offshore company that generates offshore income or other offshore income assets contact the David W. Klasing Tax Law Offices immediately. We are a team of certified public accountants and EA tax attorneys from an experienced international tax law firm so you can use our experience and knowledge.

Today business transactions transcend regional boundaries and extend to global markets. David W. Law Offices of the United States of America International corporations are committed to seizing domestic and international opportunities at least influenced by international tax law. As businesses expand in global markets more and more people are working and doing business abroad. The experienced legal advice of an international tax attorney can help people who work or retire abroad maintain citizenship by paying their tax obligations. International Tax Attorney David W. Classing has extensive experience in international tax planning maritime tax disputes and offshore account compliance. David W. Our tax experts can assess a variety of tax issues related to FBAR FATCA and other international tax matters in our Classified Law Firms to Reduce Foreign Double Taxation.