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Our Town Quotes. You’re just a little bit crazy. Instead, it will take people back to a time before the use of scenery and props, when the.

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Webb to audience we like the. Our town quotes | explanations with page numbers | litcharts. And particularly the days when you were first in love;

The Day's Running Down Like A Tired Clock.

With his first words, the stage manager makes it clear he knows he is part of a play, and he wants the audience to know he knows it. Quotes from our town study play only it seems to me that once in your life before you die you ought to see a country where they don't talk in english and don't even want to mrs. The our town quotes below are all either spoken by stage manager or refer to stage manager.

Gibbs That's What It Was To Be Alive.

In our town we like the facts about everybody mr. Old ones often have character, the new ones are interchangeable.”. This play is called 'our town.'.

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(to her mom) am i pretty enough to get anybody? For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: Little better behaved than most.

So—People A Thousand Years From Now—This Is The Way We Were In The Provinces North Of New York At The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century.—This Is The Way We Were:

Webb to audience we like the. When you were like a person sleepwalking, and you didn’t quite see the street you were in, and didn’t quite hear everything that was said to you. In our growing up and in our marrying and in our living and in our dying.

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You must see the world there, perforce. He has just discussed how historical documents tend not to reveal much. Act 1 quotes this play is called “our town.” it was written by thornton wilder;