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The key to advancing the digital community lies in digitized data. Data is the foundation of how digital communities add value and redistribute energy.

In the connected world, data is used for continuous storage and expansion. When the same data contained in the analog world is distributed over a digital network, its potential can grow. Numerical data is not a problem. But once written, it can last forever. This new way of doing and sharing creates a difference between people who can use information as a resource and those who cannot. The ability to discover data, convert it into data, and use it in offline content is the key to good data. This chapter outlines the question of how exclusion of information can lead community members from community sharing to the digital substrate. Data fluency has been shown to be an important part of digital performance. Reinikka and Svensson used an unusual policy to measure the effectiveness of increasing public access to information as a tool to reduce the capture of public funds and corruption.